Paul May & Associates guarantees to our Clients: Our Candidates will present both a resume and a cover letter or executive summary establishing why he or she may fit the position. Our research shows well-prepared documents give Candidates the best chance at securing an interview.

Remember, you’re selling an overall package: “Yourself” and by taking the time to create a sharp summary, you put “Yourself” ahead of the rest.

You need to put together a concise summation of “Who You Are”, “What Skill Sets you Bring to the Company”, and “Why a Company Should Hire YOU.”


The first step is to read the job description. Then, decide how your qualifications match the requirements of the position. No two cover letters should be the same because the job requirements are going to be different and you will want to emphasis different skills.

Standout cover letters include some of the following points not found in your resume:

  • Job and salary history
  • Summary of skills required for the position(s)
  • Total years of skills applicable
  • Why you fit the particular position you are applying for
  • Revenues/quotas/project deadlines/budgets met (if applicable) and exceeded
  • Number of employees managed
  • P&L (revenue / expense) responsibility
  • Relocation issues (if any)
  • Quantify your results and highlight your accomplishments without writing a novel.
  • Detail your accomplishments that match the opportunity and will draw attention to marketing yourself!

Below is the minimum amount of information required in your cover letter for PMA. We need it written in the third person (e.g., Mr. Smith has four years experience with….) and in complete sentences. Cover letters written in the third person give you the opportunity to create additional creditability on how you fit the position and why you should be considered to interview. If needed, we can assist you in fine-tuning your cover letter.

Cover letter should include the following information:

  1. Candidate’s Name, best contact phone number and email address.
  2. Why does this position interest you? Include why your skill sets and experience match the requirements for this position. A short paragraph is fine. Quantifying is important in the client consideration process.
  3. Why are you looking to make a position/career change? Make sure these are professional reason(s).
  4. Indicate your target salary or hourly rate, and your current verifiable rate or salary. Show the break out of your base, bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, or other benefits, total salary or hourly, and vacation time.
  5. Previous work history compensation and reasons for leaving your last 3 employers.
  6. Indicate your specific legal eligibility for employment in the US (US Citizen, Green-card, H1 Visa, etc.).

Make sure key points of position are in your resume too.

Keep a copy with us by pasting it in your career goals section located in your Paul May Associates database profile. We will review it.