1. What type of company culture do you prefer to work in? In your past positions, describe the company culture in which you have been most successful.
  2. Do you have any Distribution or Operations or ?? experience & at what level (details)
  3. How, if at all, have you involved direct reports in determining their developmental needs? Give us a specific example.
  4. Tell me about one of the toughest teams/groups you’ve had to work with. What made it difficult? What did you do?
  5. Have you ever had to manage a previous peers; what was the outcome?
  6. Describe the most difficult conflict you’ve ever handled. What actions did you take to resolve the conflict? Looking back, what would you have different?
  7. Have you ever managed a person that was turned down for a same position you apply for?
  8. Walk us through your Safety philosophy & beliefs?
  9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years / 10 years?
  10. What was your most difficult professional situation & Why?
  11. What would your employees say about?
  12. What is your management or Leadership style? How do you get things done?
  13. Name one person you admire & why?
  14. What are areas of development that you can improve on?
  15. Describe your leadership style and how you holds employees accountable.
  16. Describe your team building skills and how you develop the skills of your employees.
  17. Describe how you developed and promoted the culture of the company.
  18. Describe your communication / interpersonal skills (how did you communicate with your corporate office.)
  19. Describe your strategic thinking skills and tell me about a strategic business initiative your implemented.
  20. Describe your project management skills and describe a process improvement he implemented.
  21. What would you describe as your biggest accomplishment while working at your company? Biggest failure?
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