Remember you are selling an overall package: “Yourself”.

For you to be successful you need to put together a concise two minute summation of “Who You Are”, “What Skill Sets you Bring to the Company”, and “Why a Company Should Hire YOU.”

There are thousands of pieces of information regarding interviewing. So many in fact, it will make your head spin. Just remember, the overall key is to be yourself and see if the role you’re interviewing for is a good match for the direction you’re looking to move with your career and personal life.

The most skillful play is to position yourself in the best possible light in case you want to advance. It is better to get the nod to move forward and turn them down, than for you to want to move forward and not get the chance.

Asking questions in order to build a bridge between their needs and your skills is the best approach. What do they want this role to accomplish? What do they need to have happen? What are their day to day challenges?——> Then position yourself closely in relation to their needs.

We’ve tried to pull some of the best information together for you, as a reminder, and some of these points may bring a new spark to your repertoire. Don’t forget to view some videos and do some practice interview questions with your phone.

Success with interviews are a mixture of knowing yourself and what you bring to the table and your ability to articulate that information to the interviewer. Be well informed and Good luck.

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