Typical questions asked by Interviewers:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • Why are you looking to change positions?
  • Why did you change jobs when you did (for every job change)?
  • Tell me what you consider to be your strengths and what you consider to be your weaknesses?
  • What salary are you looking for?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What do you like most about your current job (or manager)? What do you like least?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What is the best thing that your manager will say about you? What is the worst?
  • Name five adjectives that would best describe you.
  • What has been your most important professional accomplishment?

Typical questions every Candidate should ask:

  • Could you tell me about the growth plans for the company (the department)?
  • What is the greatest challenge I will face in this position? What will be my responsibilities?
  • What skills do you feel are important to be successful in this position.
  • To reconfirm strength: “That is very interesting. Let me tell you about my background and what I have done as a professional that has prepared me so well for this position.”
  • Overcoming a weakness: “How important is that skill to this job?”
  • Mr. Interviewer, I don’t have that specific background, but I am bringing the following skills to the job…” (give examples) “Let’s talk about how you can help me in the one area that I’ve had less exposure to.” (Alternative: “How long would it take to learn that skill?”)
  • Why did you join this company?
  • Is there anything in my background or experience to prevent you from considering me as a viable candidate?
  • What is the next step from here?

Other Interviewing Tips:

  • Plan to arrive early for your appointment. Try to drive to the location a day or two before so that you know exactly where you are going the day of the interview.
  • Dress conservatively and professionally.
  • Greet the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake.
  • Establish good eye contact early in the interview.
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