Salary negotiation is an issue that many people don’t know how to handle correctly. Consequently, they end up making less than they might have, or being ruled out for job opportunities they really wanted.

Everyone wants to earn as much money as they possibly can. As one of the select candidates, you should realize that an important part of our service is to provide assistance as a third party to negotiate the best possible employment offer.

Many people believe salary negotiation comes at the end of the interview process but it actually starts at the beginning, when you fill out the company’s application. Always write “open” in the space for salary desired. Never write a figure. This could rule you out before the interview begins!

The attitude to convey during the interview is that you are excited about the position, eager to do the job, and willing to work hard. Express your interest and enthusiasm about the opportunity to contribute to the company. Don’t create the impression that you are only interested in personal gain by saying or implying that the highest dollar offer is your only consideration. That will also rule you out.

Be prepared to respond to questions about money. Practice your answers in advance so you will feel comfortable during the interview. For example, an employer may ask how much money you’re looking for. Respond by saying: “At this point I am focused on the opportunity and I feel it is a great match to my technical and professional needs. I am very interested in joining your team. I would be interested in a competitive offer based on my qualifications and professional experience.”

If, however, the employer presses you for an actual salary figure, tell the employer what you are currently making. Example: “Currently; I am at a base salary of $90,000 with a $10,000 bonus for the year. I would be interested in a competitive offer based on my qualifications and professional experience.” It is a good idea to give your potential employer a starting point. This will enable them to recognize what your compensation is at this point so they know how to create a competitive offer.

If you say: I would like to be at a base salary of $95,000; the top of the range may have been $100,000. You might be cheating yourself out of more income. At the same time if you say too much ($110,000) the employer could think you are too expensive and you could not be eligible for the position all together. This is why it is important to be honest about your previous compensation. Let them know your salary with bonus and say you are open to considering an offer that is competitive to your previous income. Try not to volunteer the figure that you would accept THIS position for. We will negotiate the best offer for you.

The best scenario is when the employer offers you the position on the spot! WOW! That is ideal. If you are in this situation feel free to accept on the spot. If you are not really sure and would like to take time to evaluate the entire package the company can offer; thank the employer. Example: “This is great, thank you for offering me this position. I would like to take some time to review all of the offer information and get back to you on my final decision.” Never refuse an offer of employment until you’ve had time to think about it and discuss it with your technical recruitment consultant. Remember we are here for you and will be able to help you in this process.

Most importantly, we’re here to help. Your best interests are our best interests. We have a “partnership” to get you the best possible offer your skills can command.

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