Presenter Luis F. Campedelli, Global Head of HR MasterCard Technologies

Companies use hunting jargons e.g., Headhunters

A picture of a deer was shown and asked, “What do you see?”

Than a picture of a hunter was shown.

The question is: The best prey is a victim.

Never, ever, ever behave like a prey…As a candidate be the hunter and not the prey.

Best Hunters are Attentive, Knowledgeable, Assertive, Proactive, Brave, Focused, Perseverance, Stamina.

Making a lasting first impression:

  1. Presence
  2. Substance
  3. Composure

Making a lasting first impression

Unskilled __ Overused

PRESENCE – The ability to stand out through the expressive qualities of passion, confidence, candor and sincerity.

Unskilled – Shyness and Anxiety

Overused – Arrogance and Bluntness

SUBSTANCE – The ability to convey, at the right amount, the proper balance of information through clarity, poise and thoughtfulness.

Unskilled – Not Knowledgeable, Unprepared

Overused – Perfectionism, Overselling

COMPOSURE – That’s the happiest conversation where their’s no competition, no vanity, but a calm, quiet exchange of sentiments. Samuel Johnson – 18th Century English Writer

Unskilled – Defensiveness, Cynical

Overused – Uncaring, Unemotional

Introverts are better with composure.

Extroverts look anxious.

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