1. Poor personal appearance
  2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm; passive and indifferent
  3. Overemphasis on money; interested only in the best dollar offer; lying about current salary
  4. Condemnation of past employer
  5. Making derogatory comments about women, particular ethnic groups, people’s ages, physical appearance or handicap. Such comments are discriminatory and will immediately rule you out.
  6. Limp, fishy handshake
  7. Poor eye contact
  8. Late to interview
  9. Failure to express appreciation for interviewer’s time
  10. Not asking questions about the job
  11. Vague or rambling responses to questions
  12. Overbearing, overaggressive, conceited “know it all”
  13. Unable to express self clearly
  14. Lack of confidence and poise; nervous; ill at ease
  15. Lack of planning for career; no purpose or goals
  16. Unwillingness to start at bottom
  17. Lack of tact and manners.
  18. Lack of vitality
  19. Lack of maturity
  20. Indecision
  21. Makes excuses, hedges on unfavorable factors in record, evasive
  22. Merely shopping around
  23. Wants job only for short time
  24. No interest in company or industry; has not looked at company website
  25. Cynical
  26. Low moral standards
  27. Lazy
  28. Intolerant; strong prejudices
  29. Inability to take criticism
  30. High pressure type
  31. Narrow interests
  32. Asks about hours and time off.
  33. Doesn’t want to work overtime.
  34. Answers cell phone during interview-or cell phone/pager rings during interview.
  35. Argues with interviewer about technology.
  36. Admits that he cannot get along with co-workers.
  37. Clips nails, chews gum or eats candy, even if offered.
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