Paul May Associates Interview Tips


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Paul May Associates Interview Tips

Take the time to review this document. It has a variety of interviewing suggestions, questions, and answers. This should help get the juices flowing. Make sure you have examples of projects, concise reasons for leaving companies.

Remember to get the basics down to advance in the interview process and towards an offer.

Please give yourself enough driving time to get there on time @ least 10 minutes early – just so you are not late for the interview or hurried.
Bring along # copies of your resume as well – just in case – even thou they have a copy.

Remember to smile and give eye contact to all interviewers you’ll be meeting.



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Paul May Recruiting Process

PMA process is honed and time-tested.  You can be assured that you will receive the best quality care for your job search with our process which includes:

  • Conducting a brief online “pre-interview” assessment regarding our candidates’ interest in applying online for one of the current open position
  • Cross matching your resume, technical skills, and expertise background to our current open opportunities
  • Maintaining an extensive and reputable client list representing some of the country’s leading companies allowing our job seekers to be exposed to career opportunities with nationwide companies – who are leaders in their fields- majority of which never advertise
  • Delivering prep techniques to improve/enhance interviewing skills prior to an interview
  • Providing a post-interview debrief and client feedback
  • Reviewing and analyzing resumes critically to provide writing tips and suggestions to strengthen our candidates’ marketing and
  • Teaching extensive behavioral interviewing skills and techniques.

Our services are at no cost to you. Fees are paid by our client companies. Contact us today to get started on finding your next great career opportunity!