Six Lessons I learned from my account being hacked on LinkedIn and

I’ve been asked to repost this as people are still getting the spam message from mysteryshopper. Bottomline. It’s a scam. Don’t do it.

My Linkedin account was just hacked. Hackers were able to change my email to so I couldn’t change my password to gain my account back. I was locked out of my own account.

If you received an email from my Linkedin account, asking to send personal information to claiming I had some great shopping experience with Microsoft, don’t reply.

I offer recruiting services. I’m not recruiting mystery shoppers for Microsoft.

Lessons learned from getting hacked to save you time and get your own situation resolved.

1st. File this Linkedin number away as well as this email. 855-653-5653, click option 1. They may respond faster to your case than to their online form. If you’ve ever tried getting ahold of Linkedin via phone, it is near to impossible.

2nd I’ve incorporated two-step verification found under your account privacy and settings. If you don’t have two-step verification on your account or other accounts such as your Gmail, do it now.

3rd Add a second email to your Linkedin account so you can login with that email in case you get hacked.

4th Request a data archive of your Linkedin account found under privacy and settings. In case your account gets hacked or deleted, this measure will help restore your profile.

5th Download all your contacts, so you have them, in case you lose your account. Linkedin help can walk you through how easy this is.

6th Change your password every few months.

I apologize if you clicked on email as it caused quite a bit of confusion for many.

Hopefully no one got scammed with this situation.

Learn from my time wasting experience.

Thank you all who contacted me to let me know I was hacked. Much appreciated.

If you sent them information or even if you didn’t, do change your password and enroll in the two-step verification.

Once Linkedin was able to verify my identity, they resolved it quickly but truly this was a hassle.

Have a great weekend and keep you day job. No mystery shopping here.

Sincerely and stay in touch,



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Six Lessons I learned from my account being hacked on Linkedin.
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