Interview Phone Conversation – Phone Screen Tips (the basics) – This is a conglomeration of the great tips.

  • The phone screen or phone conversation is often time the first step in the interview process.
  • Be on a landline vs. cell phone (if possible) – phone clarity always helps.
  • Don’t be in a room where the radio or TV is on, dogs barking, kids clamoring etc.
  • Don’t smoke during the interview or open cans or bottles.
  • Have your resume in front of you as well as the job description and maybe the client webpage/info.
  • Try and find out who your audience is (who you’re talking to and what to focus on).
  • Research and understand what the company does and why you would want to work there. Be able to state some reasons what’s important to you about them.
  • Know your employment history. Business or personal answers should be no more than 30 to 45 seconds or less for each role you made a move. Be able to clearly, concisely  and succinctly communicate why you left each company.
  • Be prepared to talk about each of your positions 1) what were your specific responsibilities 2) what tools/technology you utilized 3) the scope of the project 4) the size of the environment.
  • Smile and have energy – it makes you more likable and also makes you appear more confident.
  • Volunteer verbally that you have done some research on the company & compliment when appropriate.
  • Take some notes during the interview.  You may want to refer back to them at the end of the phone call.
  • Have intelligent questions prepared and written down on paper.  Don’t try to go by memory.
  • After you ask your question stop talking and listen well.
  •  Do not ask about hours, salary, benefits, flex time or work at home options.
  • Don’t take any calls or put the employer on hold – any interruptions will hurt the conversation.
  • If you don’t reach the employer at the designated time slot leave a message with your phone number.
  • Then be there to answer the phone and call them back in 15 minutes if you don’t hear from them.
  • Remember interruptions or delays on both sides are inevitable not personal. Things just happen.
  • Find out as early as possible “what are the 3 most important things” they’re looking for.
  • Avoid giving your opinion on anything (technology, politics, religion) unrelated to your interview.
  • Do not communicate anything negative (past bosses, co-workers, family) ever during the conversation.
  • At the end of your conversation let them know that you’re interested and qualified and why.
  • Mirror & model the person you’re speaking with.  You may need to speed up if they are talking fast and/or slow down if they are talking slower.  People like to interview people who speak just like them.
  • Be short, sweet and specific with your answers.
  • If you don’t understand a question please ask them to clarify the question. Don’t guess or assume.
  • Finish the phone conversation with as much energy as you started with.
  • Do not send a follow-up thank you letter until you have forwarded it to me first.
  • Master-phone-interview-tips
  • Top Ten Interview Questions – You tube

Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions?

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Phone Conversation – Interview Phone Screen Tips (the basics)

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